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Listening to the Leading

“Your ears will hear a word behind you, “This is the way, walk in it,” whenever you turn to the right or to the left.” Isaiah 30:21

As we celebrated the Fourth of July with friends last week, thunder began to roll when we were all in the pool. We looked at the cloud that seemed far away from us and didn’t see visible lightning, but we were the first ones out of the pool.


(My family in the 90s)

Although my mom wasn’t there, I heard her voice in my head as I remembered her words. When I was growing up, she always made us go inside at even the hint of thunder. Being around water my entire life, we had many close calls out on the lake and many 30 minute breaks at the Family Pool when a storm would threaten to ruin our fun.

Mom was at my house a couple of days after the fourth telling me about their holiday. “Dad and I were sitting out on the patio and saw lightning coming down right over where y’all were swimming. I told Dad, I hope they get out.” My mouth dropped, I told her the story and we got a big laugh out of our close connection and my response to my friend of how upset my mom would be if we all fried in her pool.

This is in fact NOT a post about water or storm safety, but a greater spiritual lesson I learned from this day. As I was studying my Bible and talking to my son about the conviction of Holy Spirit on our conscience and His ability to communicate with us even while Jesus is not physically present with us, it hit me.

Just as I recalled my mother’s instruction because I walked alongside my her for many, many years as she trained me by word and deed in everything I would need to know to keep me safe in this world, so it is with Jesus.

When we walk with him day by day, reading His words, keeping His commandments, praying and asking for help, there’s no doubt we will hear His voice and it may even get louder as we are in a situation that we need to flee from. That’s the conviction and leading of the Holy Spirit.

How important it is that we are good examples for our children as we walk along the way. Did anyone at the Fourth of July party get electrocuted? No. But, did my kids get a lesson in what to do when they are not with me and the thunder rolls? Yes. And I reaffirmed that lesson when we got home. We are always teaching, even when we think they aren’t looking.

And even more importantly my prayer is that the Lord’s voice will be louder in their life than mine ever thought about being, that they will trust that voice, and follow Him as He directs their steps. And may we trust God as He leads them while they are not in our sight, even with things we may not remember to teach them.

Oh God be greater, than the worries in my life
Be stronger, than the weakness in my mind
Be louder, let your Glory come alive
Be magnified

-We Are Messengers

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