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June Recap: Faith, Family, Fun, Photography


I’m short on time and may be for the rest of this year so I’ll communicate in the best way I  know how…pictures!

Here are 4 pictures to sum up our fun filled June.


We served and attended Camp Outrageous at our church! It was lots of fun!




We went to the zoo for Engineers Day (Zach’s company picnic). It was a great day to be together!


We celebrated 14 years of marriage in Nashville (our anniversary is in June). Paul Simon’s farewell concert was epic and has been on my bucket list for a long time. I’ve loved his music my whole life and hearing him live is something I’ll never forget.


We continued the nostalgia train the next day by seeing the Mr. Rogers biopic film, “Won’t you be my neighbor?” Run, don’t walk, to see this. It will take you back and remind you of what is missing in today’s media. It will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you want to do what you can to preserve his qualities and pass them on to those little ones around you.img_4464-1img_4471-1

I started a gluten free diet on June 1 and have stuck with it. It has helped me learn to eat to live instead of live to eat. The main things I’ve removed from my diet are bread, crackers, fried foods and prepackaged cookies and snacks. I am eating many more veggies, fruits, and protein. Overall I feel so much better! I may not have celiac disease, but I know for certain I’m intolerant of gluten by the way my health has improved over all. (Five Daughter’s did have gluten free donuts so that was a bonus on my trip! )img_4460-1



I’ve been so excited to get ready to start my new adventure at TCA. I’ve worked at home all Summer to prepare for my class room. I’ve loved having an outlet to be creative in this way.

I am also pumped about my Fall photography schedule. I have lots of new babies joining the baby plan and fun Fall Photo events that I wrote about here:

dsc_9406webI also have 2 Sunflower Mini Session apts. remaining next week. To book those, click here:

7/23 at 7:40:

7/24 at 7:20:

The Summer is flying by and I have lots to report from July! I hope these last 2 weeks of our break go by slowly. It’s been such a year to remember!

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