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That’s How We Roll

Grief. It’s a peculiar thing. It can sneak up on you anywhere, anytime, unannounced no matter how many years it’s been and make you miss someone you love so much.

There I was yesterday standing in line at the UPS store waiting to return an Amazon package. As I was waiting I glanced over at the card carousel and it hit me.

I picked up this card of 2 girls on roller skates, one blonde, one brunette, just like us, and thought to myself, I would have totally sent this to her if she were still alive.

Then I opened it up, “That’s how we roll.” A big smile came over my face and memories flooded in.

The first time I ever went to her house she taught me how to roller blade. She only had one pair so she taught me with one on her foot and one on mine. Brilliant, I tell you. We were amazing 7th graders. 😀 I had so much fun that day I didn’t want to go home, and that was big for me because I was, and still am, a homebody.

I loved Laura with all of my heart and even though she’s been gone physically for 20 years this year, 20 YEARS, I still carry pieces of her with me.

I look forward to that reunion we will have one day. Until then, I’ll keep remembering the best friend a girl could ever wish for.

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